Use of Room

The Community Foundation of Whitley County has space that is available for use by our 501(c)(3) nonprofit partners.

To request a meeting space, review our guidelines below. Submit a reservation request form, and we will follow up on your request within two business days. 

Reservations for the meeting space will be made with the following guidelines:

  • The meeting space will be available on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Please submit a reservation request at least 48 hours prior to the meeting date. If urgent needs arise with less than 48-hour notice, please call 260-244-5224 and the Foundation will do its best to accommodate your organization’s request.
  • Reservations must be made through the Foundation’s website. Once we receive your request, we will confirm your reservation via email.
  • No group may assign or transfer its room reservation to another group.
  • In the event the Foundation closes due to inclement weather, an emergency, power failure, etc., the Foundation reserves the right to cancel a scheduled meeting. If the Foundation closes, a representative from the Foundation will contact either the primary or secondary meeting contact listed on the organization’s room request form. It is the responsibility of the organization to contact the meeting participants regarding a cancellation. The Foundation will work with you to reschedule your meeting for the earliest available date. Room cancellation is required via email as soon as possible prior to the meeting date and time. Failure to notify the Foundation may prevent the organization from future use of meeting rooms.

Specific Guidelines on the Use of the Meeting Space

  • The organization’s primary contact must check in at Foundation’s front desk before advancing to the reserved/designated meeting space.
  • Please designate a member of your party to greet all other meeting guests and direct them to the meeting room.
  • The Foundation will not provide copying, faxing, or administrative support services.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be served in the facility without prior approval.
  • The building and grounds of the Foundation are designated as smoke-free and tobacco-free environments.
  • Specific room configuration needed for the meeting is the responsibility of the organization making the room reservation. The tables and chairs may be rearranged but must be returned to their original setup after the meeting ends.
  • Door(s) to your meeting room need to be closed before your meeting starts and remain closed throughout the meeting, unless the participants are taking a break.
  • Dispose of all trash in containers provided and take trash to the dumpster at the end of the meeting.
  • The Foundation is not responsible for the security of personal items.
  • After all events, the meeting room and furniture must be left in the condition it was found.
  • Nothing may be taped or hung on any walls or the ceiling.
  • Open flames, smoke machines, hanging lights, glitter, balloons, confetti, sparklers, or live animals are not permitted.
  • Decorations can only be added with the permission of the Foundation.
  • Deliveries for events must be made only on the day of the event and a member of the organization hosting the meeting must be present to accept the delivery – Foundation staff will NOT be responsible for receiving deliveries for the meeting. Deliveries must be made at the main entrance.
  • Noise and activity levels should be controlled and not interfere with Foundation business operations.
  • Foundation office space is not open to meeting guests.
  • We do not have a commercial kitchen. All food must be prepared off site and brought into the facility.
  • Crock pots are not permitted.
  • No red, orange, grape or dyed drinks are permitted.
  • All food and related refuse must be removed from the Foundation premises immediately after the event. No food may be left or stored in the meeting rooms.
  • Any damage to property, including carpet damage due to dyed drinks, is the responsibility of the meeting room user.
  • Organizations will be billed for any damage caused to the facility, grounds, or equipment.

Non-endorsement Policy

  • Publicity for a meeting of a non-foundation group must not be worded in a manner that would imply Foundation sponsorship or endorsement of the group’s activities.
  • Groups may not use the foundation’s address and/or phone number as their own.
  • A copy of any press release, handbill, or invitation referencing a Foundation meeting facility must be placed on file with the foundation.
  • Misrepresentation of these facts will result in the loss of meeting room use.

Available Items for Use in the Meeting Rooms

  • 48 chairs
  • 5 round tables – each seats 6
  • 2 rectangular tables – each seats 8
  • 1 podium
  • Flat screen, wall-mounted TV (Please provide your own laptop and presentation should be on a USB; you will be unable to wire directly to the TV.)
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