2023 Heart of Gold Recipients Announced

Anyone who was lucky enough to know the Community Foundation’s former board member Clark “Doc” Waterfall, would agree that his was truly a heart of gold. In 1996, Doc and his good buddy Bob Cornmesser, a longtime civic volunteer, started thinking about all the people in our community who look out for one another. They realized that through many simple acts of kindness, Whitley County was a unique and special place to call home. The two gentlemen approached the Community Foundation with the idea of finding a way to recognize these everyday heroes who give of themselves so readily, without hesitation or desire for acknowledgement. Their project grew into the Heart of Gold Awards.

Twenty-nine years later we are still awed and inspired by the goodness that flows throughout this community. We are proud to continue the annual tradition of honoring special people with hearts of gold. The awards remind us that philanthropy is about sharing time, talents and treasure and that Whitley County is blessed beyond measure.

The following people were nominated for the 2023 Heart of Gold:
Joy Bennett
Matthew Careins
Lenny Crosby
Sue Farris
Deb Fitzcharles
Laura Foss
Brandon and Nicole Geary
Bryan Graham
Jake Hoag
Kate Method
Sonna Myers
Pam Nicodemus
George Riecke
Max Shelmadine
Desiree Skinner
Cheryl Stalter
Leta Stickler Perry
Janet Tappy
Michael Weber
Ann Wolfe

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