The Jim Heiselmann Scholarship

Jim Heiselmann at a place he so enjoyed, the Firefly.

The Jim Heiselmann Scholarship is awarded to Churubusco Senior planning on attending post-secondary education (either for an Associate’s or a Bachelor’s Degree) in the field of medicine.  Deadline April 15th.


Jim was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, the youngest of four children. He moved to Fort Wayne, in the late 1960’s to work at Magnavox and then the City of Fort Wayne. Jim campaigned for Jimmy Stier when he was running for city council in 1972 and helped get him elected by organizing walks and going door-to-door registering people to vote. He ended his career in the HR department at St. Joseph Hospital, retiring on Jan. 3, 2008, after 31 years of service. Jim was a great movie buff and could easily win any movie trivia contest. He was also an avid Reds fan and could tell you the stats of any of the players. His favorite pastime was drinking a Big Jim latte at the Firefly where you could find him, every day, sitting in his favorite comfy chair and completing his crossword puzzles. Jim’s greatest enjoyment came from being with family and cuddling with his beloved cat. “We could count on him showing up early to any family gathering with a case of Snapple and the latest Red’s states, eager to share both.”

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