Sierra’s Fund

Sierra’s Fund Established to offer Adoption Assistance

With raising Zach and Tanner, two energetic young sons and a thriving business to oversee, the Grants were
anything but bored back in the mid-90’s, but after 4 years of unsuccessful attempts to have a third child they
decided to explore adoption. Amid questionnaires and home studies, they soon realized that the process was not
only emotionally daunting but also financially challenging. Then a call from Texas changed their lives forever.
Their baby daughter was waiting for them to bring her home to Columbia City. The whirlwind trip put Sierra in
their arms and so began a celebration of love.

“The moment Sierra was placed in my arms can’t be explained. The tears came streaming down my face, I
couldn’t believe she was our daughter. The adoption process is full of highs and lows but I am here to tell you it
is so worth it. I can’t image our family without her, she is exactly where she was meant to be.”

Now 15 years later the fi nal piece of Sierra’s adoption story recently came via a generous gift from the Grants,
who hope to help other local families share the joy of adoption. Open to Whitley County residents exploring both
domestic and international adoption, distributions from the endowment can be used to off set costs including but
not limited to home study costs, placement fees, post-placement supervision fees, and travel related expenses.

More information available on our website.

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