Old Settlers’ Association Agency Fund

To provide funds for Charitable projects relating to the Old Settlers Association or Old Settlers Festival. The Old Settlers Day committee estimated over the years, they have reinvested in excess of $750,00 form Old settlers Days proceeds back into our community.

Pictured Old Settlers Day President, Chad Whetstone (red coat), Cindy Baker, TROY School Administrative Director and TROY school students.

In 2022, the TROY school was one recipient of these funds. The Old Settlers Committee recently donated $2,500.00 to TROY School. TROY School is a private, accredited alternative school that is not affiliated with any school corporation and is operated by their own board of directors as a not-for-profit organization. TROY School offers a safe, supportive learning environment for students who have not found success in a traditional classroom setting and provides their students with the skills and education they need to become productive citizens in our community. TROY School serves approximately 50-55 students in grades 6-12 each year. TROY school also provides transportation to and from school every day for majority of their students and offers mental health counseling to all students, with a counselor on staff.

To learn more about the Old Settlers’ Festival, click here.

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