Megan Christine Young Memorial Scholarship

Established in 2009, this scholarship honors Megan Christine Young, a charismatic young woman who was beloved by her family and friends and who touched many lives and hearts in her community. The award will be presented to a female student graduating from Churubusco High School and planning to continue her education in pursuit of a Bachelors or Associates Degree from an accredited institution. Preference will be given to applicants who have participated in athletics, remembering that Megan had a special passion for volleyball.


Megan Christine Young

Megan, “Megs,” was a very beautiful, athletic, and talented young woman that was

blessed with a variety of skills from academics to athletics. She was a structured

individual who had a comfortable sense and confidence of who she was and who she

wanted to become. Adults and children always seemed to look up to Megan. She was

such a symbol of youth, energy and spirit!

Megan had an amazing smile under some beautiful blue eyes that would catch

anyone’s attention. She was like a daffodil when she entered a room. Along with

smelling pretty, she always tended to look beautiful no matter what she would wear.

People were amazed how she could mix so many bright colors and “pull it off.” She

had a natural beauty that caught everyone’s attention. The large collection of makeup,

perfume, and candles in her room is evidence of how important it was to feel good

about yourself.

Along with the confidence Megan conveyed of herself, she had a love and heart for

animals. She would take in any “unwanted” animal she could find. At one point in

time, Megan had 17 pets. She was a strong person who never let things get her down.

She kept herself on a very tight schedule and held the highest standards for cleanliness

in her room, the family home, and with her pets. Any pet would be fortunate to

belong to Megan. No one else in the world would take care of things better than


She always had a presence that portrayed beauty, compassion, confidence, and order.

She was an amazingly energetic person who treasured every moment. She believed

that every person should make the most of each day and never waste a second. With

her short life, it seems evident that Megan never wasted a moment. Although her time

on this earth wasn’t as long as those around her wish, she had bigger plans for the

future. May all of us continue to live each day as Megan lived each moment!

How do you describe a ray of sunlight bursting through the clouds after a spring rain, forming a beautiful rainbow to someone who has never had sight. (This is how I feel trying to describe Megan). Do you tell them how tiny droplets of water reflect w hite sunlight bending it into a spectrum of color? Or, do you simply describe what makes it so very special… the reminder of love, the reminder that brighter days are coming and the promise that God hasn’t left us and isn’t finished with us yet. It cannot be contained. It has to be shared. Once you have seen it, you want everyone to see it too.

Just like a rainbow you couldn’t contain Megan’s beautiful soul. You could not contain the love she had for her family and friends. You couldn’t contain her passion for sports and drive for excellence both on the court and in her studies. Or the joy she brought you with her smile. Megan’s fun loving antics and compassionate heart made her a special gift. Not one to last only a little while but a lifetime and beyond. Her legacy lives on in Morgan, Christ, Tanbya and in the friends and family who loved her so much.

May the student seeking this scholarship honor, reach for the rainbow, be steadfast in their faith, in what they are designed to do and never give up. Just like Megan.

Laura Cook

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