Kenny Beck Changes in Latitude Scholarship

This scholarship is available to a graduating senior from Columbia City High School who intends to attain a degree from Purdue University. Applicants should have a 2.5 or better grade point average.

Kenny Beck was a beloved husband and father of two. He was also a dedicated educator who spent more than 20 years of his lie, teaching and inspiring children at Washington Center School in Columbia City.

On September 11, 2002, Kenny stopped near his home in Fort Wayne to assist a stranger crying for help. Tragically, Kenny was shot and killed, but through his remarkable, selfless acts, the stranger — a mother of two small children, survived.

When considering how best to honor Kenny’s life, his family chose not to dwell on the senseless violence surrounding his death, but instead, to celebrate his lifelong commitment to teaching and his natural inclination to help others.

Mr. Beck believed in lifting kids up educationally. He also loved the music and laid-back lifestyle of Jimmy Buffett. So it is with a heart-felt desire to reflect Kenny’s life that we offer the “Changes in Latitude Memorial Scholarship” designed to help lift Columbia City students to new heights as they continue to attain their educational dreams, in part, with a little help from Mr. Beck.

Apply here.


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