Johnathan Lewis Simmons Memorial Scholarship

Johnathan Lewis Simmons was a resident of Whitley County and a senior at Whitko High School. He loved helping people in his community. It didn’t matter if it was a child with a bicycle or a person with a broken down car on the side of the road – Johnathan would stop and fix bicycles, scooters and cars for anyone needing a hand.

Before his death on February 9, 2006 Johnathan dreamed of attending Lincoln College of Technology in Indianapolis, Indiana. His plans also included furthering his education by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in business with the goal of eventually opening his own business.

The Simmons family established this scholarship in Johnathan’s memory to assist students from Whitley County who are interested in a career in the automotive field.

Preference given to a graduating senior from Whitko High School. This scholarship may also be available to a graduating senior from Columbia City High School or Churubusco High School.

Apply here.


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