Dan Mullett “For the Love of a Child” Scholarship


This scholarship is available to a Columbia City High School senior in the top half of their class. The applicant should be seeking a four-year baccalaureate degree in elementary education. Above all, the applicant should mirror the unrelenting love for children that characterized the life of Dan Mullett.“For the Love of a Child”

I loved my principal. He was a pal. He slid on the ice with me and would push me on the swings! (Tabby)

I have taught with many principals, and believe me – Dan was the very best! He was always concerned about doing the best for the students as well as his staff. He was such a caring, giving, wonderful person. (Donna)

He pushed me the highest on the swings at recess. (Eden – 1st grade)

There was nothing pretentious about Danny…just a kind, gentle man with a heart of gold – a “good old boy.” (Chris)




This scholarship was established by the Columbia City Community’s gifts to the memory of Dan L. Mullett, educator and principal in the Whitley County School System until his untimely death on July 24, 2001.  The essence of Dan Mullett was his unwavering, unconditional love for children. He was an advocate for the young students who passed through his schools, believing in them when no one else would. At the time of his passing, a rewording a familiar quote came to characterize his life:

One hundred years from now it won’t matter that I drove a rusted truck or wore deer shirts. What will be remembered is that I was important in the life of a child.

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