Championing Philanthropy

for the lasting good of whitley county

Whether you are a long-time resident, a recent transfer, or someone brought up here years ago, we think you’ll agree Whitley County is a great place to call home. At the Community Foundation, we believe it can be even better. That’s why each day we work to find ways to improve our little corner of Indiana. It might mean creating a program to meet health needs, or making a grant to fund important community projects. Other times our work involves partnering with donors and tailoring options to help them meet their charitable goals.
Our primary purpose is to serve donors. We do this by first understanding their vision, and then, by helping them invest their funds in the most impactful way.
Our secondary purpose is to help grant and scholarship seekers obtain the funds they need to achieve their goals.
The Community Foundation of Whitley County also helps professional advisors guide their clients with information and tools that explain how to achieve maximum tax benefits.

2023 Heart of Gold Recipients Announced

The following people were nominated for the 2023 Heart of Gold:
Joy Bennett
Matthew Careins
Lenny Crosby
Sue Farris
Deb Fitzcharles
Laura Foss
Brandon and Nicole Geary
Bryan Graham
Jake Hoag
Kate Method
Sonna Myers
Pam Nicodemus
George Riecke
Max Shelmadine
Desiree Skinner
Cheryl Stalter
Leta Stickler Perry
Janet Tappy
Michael Weber
Ann Wolfe

2022 Annual Report

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